Broadcast Message


Broadcast message allows you to send a message to several contacts at once despite if they're in a group or not. Unlike group chat, the broadcast messages goes to the individual only, and their replies are not seen by anyone else besides the SimplyChat user(s).


Create a Broadcast Message

  • Click "Create Broadcast Message" in the upper right hand corner of the screen


  1. Broadcast For: Filter contacts between Staff, Guest, Vistor or Contact List
  2. Select: Check the checkbox to the contact(s) you wish to have the message broadcast to
  3. Broadcast Message: Type the message you wish to broadcast into this field
  4. Message Template: You can also select a pre-made template to auto fill the Broadcast Message field
  5. Send: Send the message


Continuing the Conversation

You can view broadcast messages, and continue the conversation with that individual contact by going back to the Chat module by click on "Chat" located in the left hand menu


Delete Broadcast Message

You can delete the "Broadcast Message" by clicking on "Action" and then "Delete" 

Note: Deleteing the Broadcast Message" does not un-send the message.