Chat Groups


Chat Groups are used for adding users of the CWP to a group, not SMS DIDs

Chat groups allow you to add multiple participents to a conversation. Any messages you send will be sent to all recepients you choose to make a group with. 


Creating A Group

  • Click the Create Group button 
  • Name the group and click Submit


Add Users To A Group

  • Find the group in the list of gourps and click the Action button
  • Select the View button
  • In the list of users, click Attach to the users you wish to add to this chat group.
  • Once the Attach button is pressed, the user is added to the group. To go to the previous screen click the Back button


Remove Users From A Group

  • Find the group you wish to remove users from in the list under Chat Groups
  • Click the Action button and select View
  • In the list of users, click the Detatch button to remove a user from the group


Chat With A Group


  1. Click Chat in the left hand menu
  2. Click the Plus sign on the page that loads
  3. Select New Contact to bring up a list of contacts
  4. Select the Group you wish to add. In the image below, the multiple person icon indicates a group (named Test Group 011)