The SimplyNotify module allows you to setup notifications, such as missed wakeup calls, for the hotel.


  1. Create New - Create new notification alert
  2. Currently set notification modules
  3. Notifications Enable - Indicates if notification module is enabled or not
  4. Actions - Action allows you to modify, view or delete a notification


Create New Notification



  1. Name: Name the notification operator
  2. Module: Select the module you wish to send notifications from
  3. Notification URL: Url (webhook?) to ping with notification
  4. Enabled: enable or disable the notifiaction operator


Modify Notification



  1. Click on "Action" then "Edit" to modify a Notifciation Operator
  2. Click on "Submit" after modifying to save changes.


Add Notification Recipients 



To add notication recepients click on the "SimplyNotifty" link on the left of thep age, then click "Notification Recipient"

  1. Create New: Creates new notification recipient
  2. List of currently created recipients.
  3. Action: Button gives you options to modify, delete or view recipient entry


  1. Module Operator: Choose the module the recipient will receive notifications from
  2. Notification Type: Select whether User, group or all will receive this notification type
  3. Recipient: choose who will get the notification on their page when they log into the Client Web Portal
  4. Recipient: Select yet another recipient to receive notifications
  5. Priority: Mark the notifications from this notification operator as Urgent, Important or Normal
  6. ?
  7. Enabled: Choose whether this notification will be enabled or not