Overview & Usage


The SimplyChat module allows you to send SMS text messages to phone numbers with SMS capabilities. A user must be assigned to a chat group, or a SMS DID assigned to them.

To start an SMS chat, log into the Client Web Portal (https://cwp.thinksimplicity.com). Once logged in click on SimplyChat on the left hand menu. Then choose Chat. You will be greeted with a screen with a text field similar to a chatroom or SMS phone-app screen.


SimplyChat Limitations

  • 1000 character limit when creating messages in chat window



  • DID: Direct Inward Dialing - A term meaning, for simplicity's sake, a telephone number. For example, a DID of 406-555-5555 would be a DID (direct inward dialing) for a cell phone, business, desk phone, etc.
Types of Conversations
  • Visitor: A DID/SMS for non-guest at the hotel (visitors)
  • GuestA DID/SMS for guest at the hotel (check-ins)
  • UI Users: Other users of the Client Web Portal/SimplyChat, such as other Front Desk employees, managers of the hotel, etc 
  • GroupsA grouping of users where a message can be sent to all members in that group.

Filtering SMS Conversations



  1. Unread Conversations - Filters and shows all unread conversations for the user
  2. All Conversations - Filters and shows all the exisiting conversations for a user
  3. Favorite Conversations - Filters and shows only favorited conversations for a user. Favorites allow for quick reference and navigation of often used, or currently being used conversations.
  4. Visitor Conversations - Filters and shows only Visitor type conversations
  5. Guest Conversations - Filters and shows only Guest type conversations
  6. UI Users Conversations - Filters and shows only UI Users type conversations 
  7. Group Conersations - Filters and shows only Group type conversations
  8. Search Conversations - Allows a users to search conversations by Room, Staff or Group


Starting an SMS Conversation


  • You can start a new SMS Conversation by secting the Plus Sign button as seen in the image above


Types of New Conversations:


  1. New Mobile: Starts a new SMS conversation where you enter a DID (mobile number) not previously used
  2. New Contact: Starts a new SMS conversation with a SimplyChat User/Contact
  3. New Group: Starts a new group conversation with participants in a group.


New Mobile 

Starts a new conversation where you enter a new DID/SMS number that has not been previouisly used before.


  1. Enter the recipient's DID/SMS number you wish to communicate with (cell phone number)
  2. Select the DID you wish to use to communicate. The recipient will see this telephone number when the text message is sent, and will be replying to this telephone number.
  3. DIDs to send messages from can be assigned to individuals or groups. Such a a "Front Desk" Group where everyone in that group will be using the same DID to send messages.
  4. Click Create to start the conversation with the entered recipient phone number & selected DID 


New Contact

  • Starts a new conversation with previously used contact. You can select a contact (circles 1,2, or 3 in the picture below) to resume a conversation or start a new one with a previously saved contact. 


  • Select Pick Up to take over the conversation from another user and begin conversing. (circle 1 in picture below)



New Group

This option allows you to create a new Group Conversation with only the selected users you wish to be in the group.


  1. Enter a name for the Group Conversation
  2. Click the arrow to choose your Group Conversation participants


  1. This radio button shows list of Contacts in the list shown below the Create button
  2. This radio button toggles the list to show Contact Lists below the Creat button
  3. Search field to search for contacts or users
  4. Select All check the checkbox to select all contacts as listed below the Create button
  5. Check boxes next to the contact name allows you to select, or de-select the contact to add to the group
  6. Create button creates the group with the selected contacts


The Conversation Screen



  1. Favorite: Favorites the conversation for an easy reference using the Favorites Filter
  2. Contact Info: Shows relevent information for the contact in the conversation such as name, email, phone number, reservations or other contact infro.
  3. Received Messages: Replies to you, the user, will be in dark green
  4. Sent Messages: Messeges sent to the contac twill be light gray
  5. Emoji: List of emojis that can be sent in the conversation
  6. Message Templates: Shortcut to the canned responses, or message templates, that allow for quick responses to common questions or responses.
  7. Send Button: Sens message written above to the recipient.


Chatting Party Types


Messaging Method Capability Matrix

The below tables shows which parties can communicate and available methods. Across the top are the senders who initiate a message and along the left are the receivers of the message.

There are 2 possible method of communications:

Web - users will be able to communicate using the online SimplyChat chat interface

SMS - users will be able to communicate using their SMS capable devices

Web2Web = A message is sent from the online SimplyChat chat interface and received by the party within their online SimplyChat chat interface

Web2SMS = A message is sent from the online SimplyChat chat interface and received by the parties SMS capable device

SMS2SMS = A message is sent from a SMS capable device and received by a SMS capable device

SMS2Web = A message is sent from a SMS capable device and received within the the online SimplyChat chat interface


Message Senders

Message Receivers



UIU Web2Web



Web2Web Web2Web*      














UIUDM Web2Web Web2Web




GU Web2Web Web2Web Web2Web     SMS2Web SMS2Web
GC         Web2Web    









Web2Web* = User can only reply to a conversation originated by another party

Web2SMS* =  User can only reply to a conversation originated by another party


Definitions of User Types / Parties

UIU = Online Web Chat User

UIUD = Online Web Chat User with direct SMS number to receive messages from external SMS capable devices.

UIUDM = Online Web Chat User with mobile number to receive notifications. (Not for 2 way communication).

GU = Group User part of an inbound SMS group.  All group members will receive SMS messages when sent from external SMS devices to dedicated inbound SMS number (DID).

GC = Group Chat between UIU(D)(M) for internal conversations.  No external SMS messages will be sent or received.  No SMS number can be assigned to Group Chats.

MV = Visitor, External SMS device not associated to a room.  

MG = Guest, External SMS device associated with a checked in room.